How can employers reduce the risk of Pokémon Go?

Thirty-year-old Ryan Carter has no problem admitting that he used to play Pokémon Go every chance he got—even at work.


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Legal Rebels

Sarah Glassmeyer: Opening a window on closed data

Gurinder Sangha: Writing off legal troubles

Maura Grossman: She’s the star of TAR

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Better Chancery Practice

The Better Chancery Practice Blog

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For lawyers who practice in Mississippi's chancery courts, posts provide instructive advice as well as checklists for preparing for hearings and trials.

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Poll: What happens when it’s this lawyer’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap?

Santa cartoon

  • 41.79%
    "They’re claiming the coal in their stockings caused them emotional distress."
  • 36.32%
    "Just so you know, Floyd, this is the last consult I give at your 'office.'"
  • 21.89%
    "About my roof ..."

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How lawyers can bring mindfulness into their practice (podcast)

Lawyers are in the suffering business, says bankruptcy lawyer and meditation instructor Jeena Cho. “Rarely do clients come to us with happy news.” Taking on clients’ tough problems can be source of a lot of stress for practitioners. Cho speaks with the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward about how practicing…

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